Stanley Krippner's Influence on the Field of Parapsychology

Millay, J.B. and Engelman, S.R., (2015).  In J. A. Davies & D. B. Pitchford (Eds), Stanley Krippner's Influence on the Field of Parapsychology. In Stanley Krippner: A life of dreams, myths & visions. Essays on his contributions and influence (pp. 99-115). Colorado Springs, CO: University Professors Press. 


Stan Krippner, Ph.D. is one of the most dedicated and empirically based scientist-professors in consciousness studies of our times. Having devoted his life to the study of consciousness and the development of human potential, Stan has amassed a huge body of work covering research in dreams, altered states of consciousness, anthropology as it relates to shamanism, anomalous healing, and advances in education, creativity, biofeedback and neurofeedback. Stan's own work has changed the way parapsychology research is carried out, helping to bring it into mainstream science, and has worked to incorporate consciousness studies in psychology graduate schools, such as Saybrook Institute. 

His own interest in parapsychology arose from a profound childhood experience, which stimulated him to study paranormal phenomenon in college. From his early work, Stan gave us a understanding of consciousness, with a rudimentary list of 20 states of consciousness.   Later, while working with Montague Ullman at the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Lab in New York, Stan demonstrated that paranormal experiences could be trained (and replicated)  to occur during times of altered states of consciousness, as seen in his telepathy  and clairvoyance experiments. In addition, he showed that the personality traits of the dreamer as well as the experimenters' unconscious and conscious motivations, can all effect the occurrence of paranormal events.

Stan's work nationally and internationally helped to also debunk myths that parapsychology was a hoax and product of pathology and low intelligence. He helped to present more accurate methodologies to conduct paranormal research.  The American Psychological Association in 2013 gave him an award for Distinugished Lifetime Contributions to Humanistic Psychology, in recognition of his diverse and powerful contributions to the field. Stan has also received 25 honors and awards from other US associations; and 18 awards from associations in nine foreign countries.  Dr. Stan Krippner is a truly great individual, who has extended our grasp of the multidimensional nature of human consciousness and the rightful place of paranormal experiences as an integral part of human nature.